Full scale projects, clusters and infrastructure


The objective of the 1st subgroup is to support large scale CCUS projects, by:

  • Identifying common challenges, regulatory and market barriers and risks that are hindering CCUS development.
  • Developing coherent narrative-driven communication.
  • Taking strong action, addressing these issues, reaching out to targeted EU institutions and Member State governments
  • Coordinating with and using lessons learned from CCUS projects Network’s knowledge sharing activities between existing CCUS projects.


The work is led by Equinor (Northern Lights) and ERVIA (Ervia Cork). Subgroup1 is directly connected with the work and the projects within the CCUS Projects Network. There is also a strong cooperation with the five Projects of Common Interest under the priority thematic area “cross-border carbon dioxide network” (CO2-Sapling, CO2 TransPorts, Northern Lights, Athos, Ervia Cork)

Key activities realized so far

Joint workshop between the CCUS SET-Plan IWG and CCUS Projects Network to cooperate and coordinate with project promoters, experts and the European Commission’s officials (Oct 2019, Jan 2020). The focus of the workshops was on key barriers to large-scale projects.

Work forward

A report on barriers with focus on large-scale projects is planned for June. The aim is to use this report for an engagement program with policy makers.

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