CO2 Storage


The objectives of the 3rd subgroup are:

  • the review of progress towards developing a European CO2 Storage Atlas and new storage pilots.
  • the development and identify new opportunities for progressing the Implementation Plan,
  • the enabling the wider CO2 storage community to understand and contribute to the development, revision and implementation of the SET-Plan.


The subgroup is led by BGS and comprises representatives of ministerial, commercial storage developers, some regulators and leading research institutes with expertise and experience in CO2 storage. It is an open group that welcomes participation by those with expertise and experience in CO2 storage.

Key activities realized so far

The subgroup has:

  • Written a white paper that describes the functionality, development and delivery of a European CO2 Storage Atlas.
  • Reviewed research progress and presented relevant outcomes of selected research projects.
  • Discussed future research priorities

Work forward

Current activities of the storage subgroup include a review of the target on developing storage pilots, identifying opportunities to progress the Implementation Plan, contributing to the development of the work plans for Horizon Europe. Ongoing activities include reviewing national R&D programmes to identify opportunities for knowledge exchange and opportunities for alignment and joint programming, discussions with the wider R&D CO2 storage community, working with other subgroups in IWG9 to facilitate and support the Implementation Plan, and engagement with external stakeholders to discuss CCUS implementation.

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